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Mold Remediation

Indianapolis Metro area & Central Indiana Professional Mold Remediation Services

Developing an effective plan for successful mold remediation can make all the difference when it comes to minimizing property damage and the harmful effects of mold on your family’s health.

ALARA Property Services has the training, tools and expertise to safely reduce mold growth and spores in your home. Our mold remediation process is safe, effective, and guaranteed. We back up our results with a 2 year limited warranty. 

If mold spore levels should return to above normal within 2 years, ALARA will re-perform its services and remediate your property to accepted industry standards at no cost to you.

Contact us today for your free no-obligation estimate.

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Mold Remediation Technician

What is Mold?

First, it’s important to understand that mold cannot be completely eradicated from your living space because it is an integral and ubiquitous part of nature. Mold is present everywhere, both indoors and out, and can enter your home in multiple ways: through windows, doors, HVAC systems, even on your clothing or pets. 

Once microscopic mold spores are exposed to moisture, they have the potential to thrive and grow in a matter of days. You may begin to notice musty or offensive odors in your home. If you do, that is the time to act. Before mold remediation can take place, you first must locate and repair the source of water or high humidity that is causing the mold to grow. If these repairs are not successfully completed prior to treatment, mold may return to the affected area. 

To prevent mold growth and keep it from returning to treated areas, keep humidity levels in your home as low as you can—no higher than 50%–all day long.

Mold Remediation - What to expect

We will isolate the affected area, treat all contaminated surfaces with an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant and biocide, and safely remove surface mold growth and staining where possible.

We offer whole-home and HVAC system mold fogging treatments to provide a holistic approach to improving your indoor air quality. Ultra low Volume (ULV) fogging allows for treatment of areas of your home that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Breathe easy knowing that your entire living area has been effectively treated and made safer for you and your family.

ALARA Property Services provides home relative humidity assessments and effective dehumidification solutions. Sales and installation of American-made & commercial-grade professional dehumidifiers sized appropriately for the conditions of your home and backed by a six (6) year manufacturer’s warranty. Our dehumidification solutions are guaranteed to maintain your home's humidity levels within an acceptable range for ideal indoor air quality. Proper humidity levels are key to preventing mold growth in your home.

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