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Radon Testing

Indianapolis Metro area & Central Indiana Professional Radon Testing

Professional Radon Testing
Quick. Accurate. Easy.

Testing your home or business for radon is easy and affordable. With just a visual inspection and short-term placement of a radon measurement device, ALARA Property Services can accurately test your radon levels and provide an efficient mitigation solution if needed.


We use only state-of-the-art active continuous radon monitoring technology, calibrated and certified annually by a nationally accredited laboratory and maintained under a strict quality assurance program.

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Radon Test

Our team is highly trained, NRPP certified and fully licensed to provide Radon Testing in Indiana.
Anyone performing Radon Testing is required by law to be certified and licensed by the State of Indiana. When choosing a radon testing contractor, always be sure to request and verify their Indiana Primary Radon Tester License # and status. Indiana Professional licensing can be verified by calling the Indiana Radon Hotline at (800) 272-9723 or online by visiting: 

Protect your family from the harmful effects of elevated Radon exposure. Learn more about our radon testing services by contacting us today!

Certified as a Radon Measurement Professional by the National Radon Proficiency Program:

NRPP Certification #: 11326-RMP 

Indiana Primary Radon Tester License #: RTP01207

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Radon Measurement Certification Badge
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Radon Testing FAQs:

  • I am purchasing a home that has tested high for radon. How can I be certain the seller will choose a quality radon mitigation contractor?
    Often, home sellers will choose a contractor with the lowest bid rather than choosing a quality contractor when making this decision. ALARA Property Services is not interested in taking shortcuts or corner-cutting to be the lowest bid, when it comes to the health of you and your family. We mitigate your home as if it were our own, aiming to reduce indoor radon concentrations to the lowest level achievable. As a home buyer, you should insist that ALARA install a personalized mitigation system in your new home so you can be confident in the safety of your family for years to come. Another option may be to request that the seller reduce the price of the home so that you may have a top-quality radon reduction system installed.
  • Will ALARA Property Services perform diagnostic testing to determine an ideal suction point location and correct fan and pipe sizes?
    Yes. The key to getting and keeping indoor radon levels low is to create a negative pressure differential under your entire home. ALARA performs comprehensive diagnostics often overlooked by other contractors called Pressure Field Extension (PFE) testing. To test PFE, we create suction points and drill a few small holes through the concrete slab in multiple areas around your home's foundation. We utilize a specialized digital micromanometer gauge which measures differential pressure under your home’s foundation to verify that we’ve created enough vacuum in that area of the home. This tool helps us to determine: ● The ideal location for the primary radon suction point ● If additional suction points will be necessary ● Vent pipe size requirements ● Which radon fan is best suited for treating your home
  • Will I be provided with a contract?
    Yes, ALARA will provide a written estimate & contract to be signed before work begins.
  • Do you provide a warranty on materials and workmanship? If so, for how long?
    ALARA Property Services LLC guarantees your radon reduction system to be free from mechanical defects caused by faulty materials or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation. Our radon fans carry a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. All warranties & guarantees are assigned to the property address and are fully transferable with the sale of the home
  • What will ALARA do if post-mitigation radon levels are not below U.S. EPA's recommended action level?
    With diagnostic testing, we are able to design highly effective radon mitigation systems based on science, not guesswork. If post-mitigation radon testing reveals elevated levels, ALARA will recommend additional sealing, suction points, and/or fan upgrades.
  • Is the quoted price guaranteed?
    We prefer a phased approach when cost estimating and designing radon systems. This allows us to save you money by not mitigating areas such as crawl spaces that may not be sources of high radon levels.
  • Do you offer radon system accessories?
    Yes, we offer several accessories, including: ● Low airflow alarms (included with system purchase) ● Fan Covers ● Noise suppressors ● Digital radon monitors
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